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  • Cohorts Found: 46
Cohort NameCohort AcronymLast UpdatedContactPoliciesMore
A Follow-up Study for Causes of Cancer in Black Women: Black Women's Health StudyBWHS02/26/2015contact BWHSpolicies BWHSmore BWHS
Agricultural Health StudyAHS01/15/2015contact AHSpolicies AHSmore AHS
Alpha-Tocopherol Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention StudyATBC01/29/2015contact ATBCpolicies ATBCmore ATBC
Breakthrough Generations StudyBGS01/30/2015contact BGSpolicies BGSmore BGS
Breast Cancer Family Registry CohortBCFR Cohort06/22/2015contact BCFR Cohortpolicies BCFR Cohortmore BCFR Cohort
Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium Research ResourceBCSC 02/09/2015contact BCSC policies BCSC more BCSC
British Columbia Generations ProjectBC Generations03/31/2015contact BC Generationspolicies BC Generationsmore BC Generations
California Teachers StudyCTS02/02/2015contact CTSpolicies CTSmore CTS
Canadian Study of Diet, Lifestyle and HealthCSDLH02/13/2015contact CSDLHpolicies CSDLHmore CSDLH
Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition CohortCPS-II Nutrition05/20/2015contact CPS-II Nutritionpolicies CPS-II Nutritionmore CPS-II Nutrition
Carotene and Retinol Efficacy TrialCARET01/15/2015contact CARETpolicies CARETmore CARET
Clue Cohort Study- Clue ICLUE I 01/22/2015contact CLUE I policies CLUE I more CLUE I
Clue Cohort Study- Clue IICLUE II01/22/2015contact CLUE IIpolicies CLUE IImore CLUE II
Colon Cancer Family Registry CohortColon CFR02/18/2015contact Colon CFRpolicies Colon CFRmore Colon CFR