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Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC)

Cohort Collaboration Contact

If interested in collaborating with the cohort on a project, please contact:

Principal Investigators

  • Elizabeth A. Platz (ARIC Cancer) (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Heal)
  • Aaron R. Folsom (ARIC) (University of Minnesota)
  • Gerardo Heiss (ARIC) (University of North Carolina)
  • Josef Coresh (ARIC) (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Heal)
  • Thomas H. Mosley (ARIC) (University of Mississippi)
  • David J. Couper (ARIC) (University of North Carolina)
Cohort Website

Details about cancer in ARIC, including cancer ascertainment and adjudication, will be available in a forthcoming publication (we will provide the citation to include here).